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Culture Transformation & Performance Management

“Good enough for government work” was an outdated concept twenty-five years ago.

Today’s municipal government organization is expected to…

  • Make its dimes work like dollars;
  • Be accountable for delivering results; and
  • Deliver service at a cost and level that rivals the private sector.

Based on the principles in Randy Pennington’s award-winning book, Results Rule!, we help you build and sustain a vibrant, results-focused organization where...

  • Shared beliefs and values support a commitment to results, relationships – both externally and internally – and accountability
  • Consistent achievement of desired results and exceptional service makes the organization legendary in the minds of residents
  • People do what they say they will do and make choices based on an attitude of stewardship
  • Mutual respect, cooperation, and a high degree of trust exists between individuals and their managers, teams, and departments
  • Individual, team, and departmental goals are aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives
  • Continuous improvement and innovation – both large and small – occurs at every level of the organization
  • Top talent is drawn to the opportunity to grow, learn, and contribute

The first step is an evaluation of your goals and environment. After that, we’ll work with you to develop a change and implementation strategy that

  • Implements cutting-edge principles and processes while embracing the unique challenges of municipal government; and
  • Moves beyond the program of the month mentality to accomplish lasting change and transformation.

Our depth of experience with public and private sector organization helps you accomplish the following:

  • Define and communicate your unique culture
  • Identify citizen and customer expectations
  • Identify the characteristics of top performers
  • Train directors, managers, supervisors, and staff
  • Implement a performance management process that promotes accountability and commitment
  • Update employee selection processes and service delivery procedures
  • Develop measures to track progress and demonstrate results

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