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Articles by Randy G. Pennington

Leading in the Face of Crisis

Crisis is change on steroids. The magnitude and speed at which expectations are disrupted totally alters one’s frame of reference and has the potential to paralyze us from moving forward...

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The Most Pressing Question

The importance of answering this question increases exponentially as uncertainty grows in our world. Your ability to earn and maintain the trust, credibility, and respect of followers will determine your ability to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities with which we are presented...

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A Love Affair With Results

Leaders are judged by their results. A compelling vision, the ability to inspire, and a pleasing personality are important. But it is a love affair with delivering results that provides the edge that exponentially increases your opportunity for success...

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Saved by the Bell

Few things are scarier than the thought of premature burial. George Washington reportedly requested that his servants not inter his body for at least three days out of concern that he might be accidentally buried alive...

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Lead the Experience

Destination here. Discover there. Choose some place else. It seems as if every community wants to lure out-of-town sales tax revenue. Here's a hint: Potential visitors to your community are asking three questions: Why you? Why now? What makes you relevant to my needs and wants today...

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Leader or Liar? - Turn Good Intentions into Action

We chose every day. Are we a leader or a liar? This is not a blanket accusation of malicious or criminal behavior. Most people want to do what’s right. Here is the challenge: We know our intentions. Others judge our behavior and performance filtered through their lens of perception...

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Integrity-Driven Cities: How to Win the Battle for Trust

“We don’t trust them.” Those were the words used by a group of concerned citizens to describe how they felt about their elected officials. Only months earlier, the same officials had used the phrase to describe their colleagues on the City Council who did not share their views on a controversial subject...

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Stupid Has Its Own Momentum

“Sold to the gentlemen at table five.” In minutes, two people engaged in a casual conversation about the fun of owning and showing a horse became the proud owners of an Arabian yearling. The charity auction organizers were ecstatic. Stupid has its own momentum. I know. I wrote half of the check...

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Truth, Trust, Greed & Fear

Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG. In case you missed it, the financial markets have been on a roller coaster ride. The root cause for the pain and suffering can be described by four words … truth, trust, greed, and fear.

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